Acquisition & Investment


If you are interested in acquiring or investing in multi-family, retail, office, land, and industrial properties, we can help you locate and analyze suitable properties that meet your income and investment goals. We will work with you to determine your requirements and select properties based upon your income criteria and exit strategy.

For each potential investment; property selected that may meet your goals, we will provide you with a valid income and expense summary, including all potential sources of income, rents, utilities, and other operating expenses to arrive at a supportable effective gross income figure.

We will help determine expected vacancy rates, provide you with existing rent rolls, actual, proforma and stabilized NOI, calculate the estimated market value based upon income and create a detailed investment analysis to assist you in making your most informed investment decision.


If you are looking to sell your investment property, we will assist you in the valuation of your property based upon current market trends and pricing for similar multi-family properties. We will work with you to prepare a detailed and all-inclusive marketing package to make the best possible presentation to other commercial brokers and their qualified investors. Our goal is to expose your property to all potential purchasers and provide the most complete and accurate information about your property as possible.

Areas We Cover