Landlord & Tenant Representation

Needs Analysis: We provide a careful assessment of the landlord and tenant's physical, financial, environmental, and tangible requirements. Needs analysis includes understanding the business, the strategic goals, and the motivations behind the facilities need.

Matching Properties: We will search for and identify the top property candidates for the client's requirements and compress property data onto a summary form that allows for easy comparison of alternatives, physically inspect prime target properties, set up and conduct tours and meetings with property agents to gather all data.

Requests for Proposals: We issue "RFP's" to top candidates with non-binding terms that the landlord can respond to in the Proposal to Lease.

Negotiation: We help control the flow of communications and negotiations between client and landlord, make recommendations and decisions to the extent allowable under the terms of the relationship, and apply our knowledge of other properties and the market on behalf of the tenant.

Facilitate Move-In Logistics: To the appropriate extent, we manage the master schedule of relocation logistics, assist in build-out contracting, if relevant, assist in equipment acquisition, coordinate space planning, monitor adherence to concessions, work letters and other lease terms, and coordinate and monitor build-out progression-to-schedule.

Areas We Cover